We Clean and Sanitize Computers and Technology Equipment. Our Services Help Maintain and Extend the Life of Technology Equipment and Assist in Promoting Healthier Workplace, School, Office and Home Environments!  

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Environments We Service


Along with cool air, computer fans pull in whatever is in the air from outside the computer. This typically means dust, pet hair, and smoke. Dust can build up inside the computer and clog the fans, causing more heat. Dust build up and regular over heating can make your computer perform slower.

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Educational Facilities

According to Germ studies conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona, the most germ-laden places in schools are water fountains, restrooms and workstations which include the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad.

Veterinary Clinics

Much of the same Computer Technology available in the human medical field is also available in the animal health care industry. We work with Veterinary Clinics to extend their cleaning and disinfecting protocols to Computer Technology.

Business Offices

Germs and bacteria live on various types of office equipment, including keyboards, mice, monitors and phones, and are easily transferred by hand contact. These types of contaminants could pose health risks in the workplace costing employees and employers time and money in lost productivity.


We partner with Hotels to create a healthier environment for guests who use the Technology in open Computer areas, Business Centers and Conference Rooms. Hygiene procedures for Technology are central to preventing spread of infection and disease.

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Computer technology has become an essential part of modern medicine and are increasingly present in exam and patients’ rooms. Recent articles have indicated that computer hardware may act as a reservoir for microorganisms and contribute to the transfer of pathogens to patients.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services for your business, school or hospital.

Core Services


External Service

We specialize in detailed external cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting of technology equipment in your business, home or school. This includes PC/Thin Clients, Keyboards, Monitors, Mice, Telephones, Laptops, Tablets, Copiers, ATMs, POS devices and all other peripheral equipment. Cleaning schedules for all services can be set up Annually, Biannually, Quarterly, or Monthly, depending on your needs.  We offer Flat Rate pricing and Volume Discounts.​


Internal Service

Technology equipment requires proper airflow and ventilation to cool their internal circuitry. Dust, dirt, and pet hair are also drawn in, clogging fans, heat sinks and power supplies. When internal components overheat they become sluggish causing error messages, system freeze-ups or complete system failures. We remove dust, dirt, and pet hair from the internal areas of PC/Thin Clients, Laptops, Copiers, Servers and POS devices. We offer Flat Rate pricing and Volume Discounts.​

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Corporate Concierge

Employees work from home or off site locations? No problem! We will come to them! We can plan our services at a time that fits their schedule. Lets face it when assets are deployed offsite, they can become susceptible to the impact of the household environment. Our concierge services insures that deployed devices are operating at there optimum efficiency at all times, also saves employers time and money on costly repairs.

We Clean and Sanitize Computers and Technology Equipment. Our Services Help Maintain and Extend the Life of Technology Equipment and Assist in Promoting Healthier Workplace, School, Office and Home Environments!

Services can be scheduled Annually, Bi annually, Quarterly, or Monthly depending on your needs!

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