What is the importance of cleaning your computer?
Keeping a computer physically clean is as important as keeping it free from viruses and other malicious attacks. Computers have many areas where dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate. Leaving a computer unclean is a great hazard to your system.

When should you clean your computer?
It’s a good practice to open up your computer and follow the cleaning process at least every three to six months. If you notice that your system has a significant level of dust and hair present the first time you clean it, more frequent cleaning is in order.

What happens if you don’t clean your computer?
Your computer doesn’t run as well, But lint and dirt and fuzz can trap air in there, causing the computer’s temperature to rise and its performance to degrade. So keeping your computer clean is not just a health and aesthetic issue, it’s a productivity one too!

Can dust ruin a computer?
Dust is a problem from the standpoint of blocking fan vents, or, if deep enough, actually insulating parts, causing overheating, but unless it contains substantial amounts of corrosive or conductive material (in which case you shouldn’t be breathing it), it won’t damage the electrical components (beyond any overheating damage)



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